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space hoes

pissing razor blades

brb el-gay hiatus

-school ended a week ago. I got raped in German at the last minute and my final grade is an 89 (after maintaining an A for the entire semester). w/e

-wtf bollywood tentacle rape
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-took the SAT earlier today
Um almost six hours GTFO. Currently, I have been awake for 24 hrs+ straight. Yesterday I woke up at 10 AM and was all ok not napping today so I can sleep well before the S-GAY-T and I managed to do that for once! But then I tried to sleep at like 11 pm and I ended up not getting any sleep. I was groggy and woozy for about 15 mins tho THATS ALL. but i did masturbate excessively yesterday (5 hourz total lol NO LIFE) and I think that has something to do with it because it gave me horrible cramps in my legs and also my left arm just happened to be in HUEG PAIN that day which made sleeping uncomfortable.

I was worried about falling asleep during the test so I drank a huge ass cup of coffee + had a billion egg mcmuffins, so I was good to go. Test was taken at Forest "Stank Azz" Park High, which is v notable for being ugly as hell. Though it did feel nostalgic in a weird way ;3~~~It was weird because at first while we were waiting everyone was black except me so everyone is like OMG ALIEN CREATURE YOU DONT GO TO OUR SCHOOL. Then a bunch of viets and mexicans showed up and everyone is like nvm. Also a few random whites. These dudes were all "omg skinny white chicks with sunglasses and horrible tans i seen dem on tv" and I'm like um fayetteville! on the inside their school looked like a prison sort of and the classrooms are small and i haven't been around that in a while because MOVIN' ON UP i'm middle class and shit (or atleast I pretend to be because i live in rolling hillz, farms, and big ass houses land). restrooms were fucking nasty. smelled like an oversized dead lady's rotting pussy and i never say pussy because it is vulgar and ugly but I'm making an exception. i had to take a piss v bad so i attempted to position myself so that my ass did not touch anything in that vile stall not that it helped at all because it still was paranoid that i smelled like that gross restroom and the entire time I was like ew crabs ew. I was half-expecting a dead baby to be floating around in a toilet. i mean in riverdale people have the decency to throw the dead baby in a dumpster atleast. jesus christ. also I checked myself in the mirror to see how fucked up i looked and it actually wasn't bad until some fat ass shaqueesha was all WATCHU LUKIN IN DAT MIRROR FO U AINT CUTE. I glanced at her and smiled ~sympathetically~ and turned to leave but she made sure to hit her shoulder against mine when I walked past her. seriously wtf

Basically what happened: raped the shit out of verbal, grammar, essay, and reading passages sections, um I didn't know any of the math def. christmas tree'd that shit. All I could hear in my head is I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, plus I was feeling kind of fucked up obv so a lot of things seemed weird to me. ex: if blah = blah then what percent of x is blah? um how about the last math class i took was APPLIED i.e. retarded geometry I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ANY OF THIS SHIT. student produced responses were left blank for the most part.

-applied at dunkin donuts but idk how things will go. also FYE, moviez, and maybe starbucks (oh god)

-gus van sant-ed. I want to live in Oregon :[


lol dunkin donuts should hire you amirite?
no the one in my city is owned by white people lol
I put the application in three weeks ago :(
i took SAT's today too. in north andover's highschool shit, which is yuppiesville. so pretty much i know i bombed the math portions. ohwell. my ass hurts from sitting so long. D:
oh hay u
chyeah still kickin' apparently.

Memories and Advice...lawlz

I did not know that you drank coffee but now that I typed that out I think I remember talking about it so whatevz. I took my SATs at Forest Park and it was so gay. The woman moderation or whatever the fuck was wrong with the timing. 3 minutes were cut off the essay section but then she left during another section I finished early and there was extra time and blah blah. I wanted to report it but I didn't want to make everyone's scores void. I did pretty terrible with the math too. You should take the ACTs in September...I think your score will go up at least 100 points?

All this talk about dead babies reminded me of that dead baby on the porch thing in Riverdale.
OH MAN is that some A+ tentacle porn. More pls.
if you live in oregon you'll just be tripping over crusty hippies fighting to legalize weed and faggots
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theres also al ot of street sharks in oregonz

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lol idc
thats better than annoying ghetto fags and hicks
are you really dead
space hoes

September 2010

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